logo2_BIOChefOur course aims to create a new profession, the “BioChef.” The Bio Chef is a figure who can transform the traditional tasks of a chef into a new profile, fundamentally and essentially focused on a healthy eating culture.

The BioChef must know the typical, traditional and seasonal products of the territory in which he operates. Above all, he has to be able to plan and execute menus distinguished by creativity and healthy cooking that offer clients ethical, healthy, and environmentally friendly recipes.

The BioChef must, therefore, develop a perfect knowledge for how to choose quality products and match them, enhancing their organoleptic characteristics. His knowledge and skills will thus enable him to develop innovative solutions based on healthy and delicious dishes.

The BioChef must finally combine quality and sustainability, taste and health, safety and traceability, technology and tradition.
Course structure
The course has a three level structure :
1. First level: Access Level
This is the level of access to the next steps and allows you to obtain HACCP certification, the possession of which is a necessary requirement for the completion of the course.
2. Second level: 72 Hour Theory Training
A 72-hour training course that will take place almost exclusively in the classroom with lessons held by our teachers.
3.Third level: Hands-on Training
You can choose from three different specializations (catering, pastry and bakery). This is a 48-hour training course. This specialization will give students access to the kitchen (hands-on training) where they will be assisted by our teachers and chef.
Level Exams
After each level a multiple choice test (consisting of 20 questions) will be assigned to students. They will be graded out of 100. The test is passed if a minimum grade of 70/100 is reached.
Final Exam
At the end of the training a final exam will be carried out The final test will consist of a written test with closed and open questions and will be processed according to the six learning units. There will also be an oral interview and a practical test.